Iggy Azalea is thrilling lovers are now able to see she was not”speaking s***” about her new fragrance.

The 31-year-old rap star recently started her odor, and she has relieved that her lovers now know what she has been saying about the item actually rings true.

She composed on Twitter: “I am so happy you guys are enjoying it and everyone’s been amazed to see it is really unisex rather than only me speaking s***.

“It is really all I have been wearing for so long today. (sic)”

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The blond beauty also disclosed the odor evolves.

Iggy stated on the micro-blogging stage: “Yay!!!! I am so glad everyone is enjoying the odor. [heart emoji]

“Wear it for a couple of hours and smell it because it will change once from skin too! (sic)”

Iggy previously demonstrated she discovered creating her odor for an”emotional” experience.

The’Function’ hitmaker started Devil’s Advocate after stripping her fire into its evolution and she likened the process to songwriting.

She explained: “Fragrance is so emotional the same manner that songwriting is.

“Once I sit down, and I am writing a song, I am contemplating what I need people to believe, even if it is a celebration song and the emotion of joy or madness even occasionally.

“I’ve never really associated that type of thing with attractiveness or a commodity before since I simply had not had that interior experience or the capacity to come up with something, create a conceptual thought and the world of an item. I have appreciated it.

“I frankly enjoyed it as far as creating music”

The sandalwood odor was a year in the making along with the jar comes with an illustrated outline depicting Iggy adopting a red, horned shape.

The rapper explained that it was made to symbolize the”naughty” aspect of her character.

She said: “It is signifying that unabashed, unafraid, gloomy side of your self.


“It is intended to be a manifestation of the gloomy, cheeky, almost the devil on your shoulder or part of me which says, for example,’ Just do it, just go, have fun, go out with friends that night, dual text the man.’ It is about adopting the duality of yourself.”