A woman went famous on TikTok following the tattoo of her facial area with freckles.

The lady, who is known as Jamie posted a video of her tattoos on her TikTok account, jamiiee.2, which has been seen over a million times.

Jamie who is located in the UK and mother of one, wrote in description of the YouTube video that “If I don’t laugh I will cry.”

In relation to her latest freckle tattoos, she says “It’s fine they will fade.”

While she looks at the camera, however you can see how her freckle tattoos haven’t been faded.

“Nah I think I f***ed up.” Jamie writes.

People were stunned at Jamie’s DIY tattoo that she made using black ink and needle.

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She shared the video of her performing the tattoo to her TikTok account, and then replied to users asking them to fade.

So far, they haven’t.

The tattoo design meant to resemble freckles they also represent star signs constellations

She has chosen her personal star sign constellation to put on one cheek, while her daughter’s star sign constellation on the opposite.