MrBeast is a Youtuber is working on a real-world “Squid Game” and the fans get an opportunity to tour the game.

A YouTuber who had promised to make a live-action version of Squid Game has made a major step towards fulfilling the promise.

MrBeast is the real name of Jimmy Donaldson, vowed last month to remake the blockbuster Netflix series when his TikTok video from him has over 10 million views.

The video has been viewed by greater than 17 millions Likes as of the moment of writing.

True to his words, Donaldson has been hard working on the game he has created his version of Squid Game, a project which is believed to have been a cost of up to $2 million.

Every game from Squid Game is now built in real life:) November 13, 2021 — MrBeast (@MrBeast) Donaldson shared a video to TikTok and Twitter that takes viewers on a tour of the sets made, giving fans a first glimpse at the finished product.

The video showcases an effort to replicate the famed “Red Light, Green Light” game’s setting and the memorable backdrops which serve as the background for the following titles “Ppopgi” and “Marbles.”

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“Pink Soldiers,” a song by 23 which has become synonymous with everything Squid Game, serves as the soundtrack to the video.

In addition to the shows the fans can also see a person dressed as one of the pink guards, as being able to see the bunks used as the accommodation for sleeping during the Korean survival show.

Donaldson added to the video on Twitter “I now have every game from Squid Game constructed in real life.”

The YouTuber claimed that the sets cost about $2 million to construct and the additional $1.5 million being spent on prizes, in response an observation made in the video.

People who want to sign up to the show have watched two videos in excess of 18 million times over on TikTok along with Twitter.