Cannabidol has infiltrated every part of life — from leggings, to lattes, pet treats and more — and as it continues to gain popularity, more goods hit the shelves every day. But another compound that is derived from hemp and cannabis like CBD is now popping up in the sleep world. It is called cannabinol, and it may have the ability to help you sleep better.

As someone who doesn’t respond well to melatonin, I have heard that CBD can help counteract the hangover effect which individuals are able to experience out of melatonin. I was intrigued when I heard from the CBN brand Sandland, making CBN supplements that contain microdoses of melatonin that promise to assist you sleep with no groggy feeling. I hoped that CBN combined using a tiny dose of melatonin would be exactly what I wanted on the intermittent nights I have difficulty sleeping. As soon as I tried the supplements, I was pleasantly surprised when they assisted me sleep with no typical next-day fog I usually feel.

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At present, all types of CBD lack strong clinical research studies — but many have been in progress, and we are near to having more scientific explanations about exactly how CBD functions. CBN is much newer to the scene: For today, the data we have is mostly anecdotal or based on animal study, which is helpful but not as helpful as clinical trials. or