It is easy for early signs of a disease to go unnoticed once you don’t understand what you’re searching for. Some symptoms are too subtle, while some you might not relate to a specific disease.

Experts say there’s one early sign of Parkinson’s disease which it is simple to miss–and grabbing and treating it might improve your quality of life and keep you alive longer. To find out what you ought to look out for while eating, continue reading.

Difficulty swallowing can be an early sign of Parkinson’s disease

In accordance with the Parkinson’s Foundation, individuals with Parkinson’s may notice changes or trouble swallowing. The base notes that since Parkinson’s is a motion disorder, it may affect swallowing, which involves a intricate sequence of motions that we do not usually consider. The characteristic slowness of movement which often includes the illness may translate to trouble getting food or liquid , the company clarifies.

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Other similar signs of Parkinson’s include trouble chewing and talking. Since Parkinson’s affects the motions of their human body, swallowing is not the only function that’s affected by the disease.