The Canadian singer-producer, known as Claire Boucher, has been kicked off the Dune movie franchise after a photo she posted on Instagram showing her reading the Communist Manifesto was misinterpreted as a dig at Elon Musk. The social media users were right – she was spotted reading the Manifesto and not working on the film. Warner Bros. has since explained that they hired her as an influencer to promote Denis Villeneuve’s sci-fi film. But it seems the situation has changed.

The actress revealed that she was removed from the Dune movie because it wasn’t ‘woke’ enough and she was fired from the project because of it. It turns out that she was roped in as an influencer by Warner Bros., but her appearance in the photo of her reading the Communist Manifesto led to her termination. Afterwards, Grimes wrote in her blog that she was fired from the movie.

It turns out that Warner Bros. reportedly cut ties with Grimes because of the publicity she received for her stance on the Communist Manifesto. The image made headlines, and it was followed by an apology from the studio. The actress later revealed that she was removed from Dune because she was too ‘woke’. The storyline is an extreme version of the science fiction classic, but its message is still quite clear: the ‘woke’ elements of Dune make this movie a highly controversial one.

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The actress has been critical of the movie’s ‘woke’ elements, and she has stated she would love to direct the movie someday. In the meantime, the movie’s cast has been a hit in the box office. The ‘woke’ parts of Dune are also deeply un-woke. The director of the movie, Denis Villeneuve, has defended his decision to remove Grimes as an influencer.

The actress has been critical of Dune, and she called out the film for not being ‘woke.’ She claims that she was removed from the Dune project as an influencer. The actress reveals the reason she was banned from the movie by Warner Bros. The picture shows her reading the Communist Manifesto. She claimed that she had no idea why she was fired from the film.

The actor ripped Dune’s ‘woke’ ethos for being “unconscious.” While the film has many ‘woke’ elements, she’s not ‘woke’ in the movie industry. The movie’s ‘unconscious’ elements make it all the more disturbing. She argues that the Communist Manifesto is not ‘woke’ and that the cast was not ‘woke’.

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