Frankie McGregor Moves Into Chloe Sims' House With the Twins

Last week, actress Frankie McGregor announced that she was pregnant with twins. She told the audience that her pregnancy has been an overwhelming experience, but recently insisted that she’s not nervous. Despite the news, she has been busy renovating her new home. It will be her first time living away from her parents. The twins’ parents, Frank and Chloe Sims, were both in their late twenties when they decided to move into their house.

Frankie Essex

Frankie McGregor Moves Into Chloe Sims' House With the Twins

The news of his baby move comes after he revealed he was pregnant with twins last month. The couple recently revealed that they were expecting twins and revealed their nursery at a party. The two had a lovely time, with the crowd gasping and watching pink and blue fireworks. The couple thanked their guests for coming and celebrated the new arrivals in style.

Meanwhile, Chloe L reveals that she’s going to meet Jake and try to persuade him to go back to her. But Jake isn’t quite ready for the twins yet. Nevertheless, he jokes with Chloe L about their relationship. The pair share a bed, while Jake is pictured in white boxer shorts.
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On the other hand, Frankie Essex’s family has also confirmed that the twins are moving into the house of his cousin Chloe Sims. Chloe and Charlie’s mother, Georgio, committed suicide when she was just ten years old. They were separated in 2011 and reconciled in June 2013 and the two began dating again.

Chloe Sims

Frankie McGregor Moves Into Chloe Sims' House With the Twins

The star of ‘Chloe’ recently revealed she is pregnant with twins and is moving in with her cousin Chloe and her two kids. She shared the news with the Ok! magazine. The couple has been dating for three years and announced the news in February. “I’m so excited, I can’t wait to meet my twins,” said the reality TV star.

She revealed that she is expecting twins at a gender reveal party on Sunday. Joey and Frankie joined the celebratory party, where the guests gathered in the garden to watch pink and blue fireworks. The pair then kissed Luke, which had a special significance. Earlier this month, Frankie was photographed looking teary during a baby shower.

Matilda Parison

After living with her daughter Alanna for months in the ghetto of Salonika, Matilda has now moved into her cousin Chloe Sims and her twins’ house in Berkeley, California. She’s enchanted by her new neighbors and has a hunch that she’ll be able to keep the twins safe there. Matilda’s parents were Holocaust survivors who escaped to America to escape persecution and survival. The twins are her first grandchildren, and their aunt and uncle have a love affair with the Parisons, who have been married for 44 years.
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Matilda’s ‘nona and papa’ house

The name of the ‘nona and papa’ house is taken from a popular children’s book series. The plot of the book revolves around a precocious little girl who uses her brilliance and talent to get back at her parents. As a result, she’s destined to become a famous writer. But how did she get to this point?