Zayn Malik Shows Off New Pink Hair and Extensive Tattoos in Smoldering Selvage

Zayn Malik recently pleaded no contest to a harassment charge, and his new look is a throwback to his rock star roots. While he may be a little generic with his new look, his extensive tattoos are a tale as old as time. The singer also recently admitted to getting a tattoo in honor of his last serious girlfriend. It’s unclear if he plans to cover up his previous tattoo of a U.F.O. spaceship. But it is worth noting that both Gigi Hadid and Zayn have since removed their tattoos and engaged.

Zayn Malik pleaded no contest to harassment charges

After his split with Gigi Hadid, singer Zayn Malik has pleaded no contest to harassment charges. The singer allegedly told Hadid to “strap on some f–ing balls” over the phone while she was at work. The singer also reportedly fought a security guard at an event on Sept. 29. He has since entered a no contest plea and will serve ninety days probation on each count. He is also ordered to attend anger management classes and not to contact Hadid and her security guard. However, his probation is not permanent and can be lifted as soon as six months.

Gigi Hadid has claimed that the singer harassed her mother Yolanda Hadid. The two women had met each other while working on a photo shoot for a magazine. Hadid’s mother Yolanda Hadid claims the former model shoved her into a dresser in Paris. Yolanda Hadid has not responded to numerous requests for comment.

His new look is a return to his roots

The former One Direction singer unveiled his new style on Tuesday, revealing bleach-blonde hair and a beard on a music video set in Miami. The singer sat shirtless beside a pool at a rented mansion, where he is shooting his new music video. Malik’s new hairstyle harkens back to his original look, which he sported for the 2016 music video “Pillowtalk.” He also added a few tattoos to his body to match his new look.

Malik’s long hair is a departure from his platinum blonde locks of June. His new style is longer and has just a hint of darker roots. Whether he keeps it this way or tries out a brighter color is unclear. Malik has said before that blonds have more fun, but he might not want to be compared to those who wear platinum blonde.

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His tattoos are a tale as old as time

If you’ve been following the news of Zayn Malik’s new tattoos, you’ve probably seen a lot of different designs. He has a giant wolf tattoo on his chest and a scene from Harry Potter on his leg. But did you know that Gigi Hadid has also got tattoos? You can find a picture of her tattoo on Zayn Malik’s Instagram page.

One Direction’s former member Zayn Malik has returned to his roots with a few tattoo designs. The singer, who left One Direction in 2016, is known for experimenting with street style and tattoo designs. He also smoked cigarettes in his early years with the group. However, he eventually found a style that was his own and started to wear a more conservative style.

Zayn also has tattoos that are symbolic. His tattoo on his right bicep shows off his love for the model. Another tattoo on his right arm is of his childhood friend Gigi Hadid. Although they recently split up, Gigi is still a huge part of Zayn’s life. Meanwhile, he got a Chinese “Born Lucky” tattoo that is covered up with a heart.

Gigi Hadid inspires him

Gigi Hadid has inspired Zayn Malik to take his style to the next level, as he recently dyed his platinum blonde hair a deep pink, shaved his beard, and added several new tattoos to his body. In the past, he’s had a tattoo of Perrie Edwards’ eye, which may have been inspired by the model. Meanwhile, his co-star Manny Gutierrez has an extensive tattoo collection, including an ink of a crescent moon on his arm and finger.
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The couple recently shared a photo of themselves, sans caption, on Instagram. The image was black and white, giving it a psychedelic effect. The photo showed a tattoo behind the left ear and a shaved side of his head. Zayn is also sporting a piercing on his chest. The tattoo is a remembrance of Hadid’s love for the singer.