A father and son got up close and personal with a great white shark about a half mile off the coast of Oceanside last week, once they recognized the endangered monster was tangled up in fishing lines.

The pair told that the creature was wrapped in alloy leaders and has been dragging fishing lines, and so it might not dive into the water. The fisherman decided they had to help.

“I had my dad kind of pull up me as near as I could get to the shark,” Sean stated. “I had been leaning on the front, and I was able to hook most of the line it was dragging, and I was able to get that up and cut it.”

They said the shark was then able to move well in the water .

“Then my father got a piece of wire out from under the fin, and the moment that happened, it is like he had been released or something,” Sean said. “That is what he’d a big splash of water ”

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The father and son said they never felt threatened by the shark, and they view the episode as a fantastic reminder to keep the ocean as clean as possible to prevent putting fish and other ocean animals in distress