Android users are finding that their devices are seemingly crashing all by themselves. The issue appears to be related to a selection of the mobiles’ built-in programs. Most users are reporting issues with the Google app, but these problems have spread to affect the Podcasts service and the Assistant, that rely upon precisely the same app.

Users see a warning indicating that”Google keeps stopping”, and asking them to close the app

While this seemed to function for a few users — others whined the issue trapped around.

Others suggested that it may be solved by connecting the Google program beta so the new variant can be downloaded. That is carried out by signing up to the programme that enables access to the ancient version through this connection , and then downloading the newest beta version via the Play Store.

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The issues remember similar issues in March, when phones appeared to begin crashing independently. Then, the matter with the Android System webview tool, which is used by phones to leave web pages — because it is such a central if largely disregarded part of several programs, the bug instantly spread along other apps.