The love birds Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker are supposed to have a luxurious wedding service not long from now
Kourtney Kardashian shared lovely pictures from her serene town hall wedding with playmate Travis Barker over the course of the end of the week.

Nonetheless, The Kardashian star’s most recent virtual entertainment posts have caused her fans to accept that she anticipating her most memorable child with the Blink-182 drummer.

The 43-year-old mother-of-three has left fans in theories as she has been posting about surprising food desires.

On Tuesday, the Poosh organizer took to Twitter and shared an article about ‘Odd food pairings that peculiarly work’ – and shared her own affection for joining “Pickles and tangerines”.
Fans rushed to take hints from Kourtney’s abnormal blend of sweet and severe food – with some accepting she is pregnant.

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One fan remarked, “Child due in September.” Another tweeted, “Pickles and tangerines I presently can’t seem to attempt however the causticity part makes me keep thinking about whether Kourtney is pregnant???”

In the mean time, Kourtney and Travis, who have proactively been wanting to develop their families together as a feature of the new reality series The Kardashians, are supposed to have a full-scale, luxurious wedding service in Italy at a later point this year.

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