Emmerdale is in the spotlight from supporters after a child gaffe was found, and Kim is plotting to take full custody of the baby.

Tonight’s episode of Emmerdale viewers were left to debate the same topic.

The long-running series explored the consequences of Jamie’s absence from Monday’s episode.

In the most recent episode Jamie’s mom Kim suggested Gabby to draft a will that gives her the sole parental rights to her son.

Gabby On her own, is worried about the request following having a heated discussion with Kim as well as her attorney later on in the episode.

In the character Claire King, she demanded vehemently from her lawyer be given full custody of Millie using whatever method is necessary.

Gabby talked to Diane afterward, and Diane suggested they quit the area in search of a new beginning.

The massive fluctuation in size of the baby’s bulge however, kept viewers on Twitter entertained throughout the entire show.

“I find that Gabby’s weight has increased within just a few days,” one commenter said.

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“Plot spoiler warning: Gabby is going to give birth Jamie, who is fully developed Jamie,” another added.

“I believe that the bulge of Gabby gets bigger with each new Episode,” a third person stated.

“I am surprised to see that they’ve put Gabby in the larger size bump.” added an additional.

Fans of other shows were on social media to inquire about what time Gabby has been expecting for.

A fan wrote: “Gabby seems to have been pregnant for at most three years! Then it’s becoming monotonous.” A third person asked: “When is Gabby’s birthday? It appears that she’s been pregnant for a long period of time.” “How how long is Gabby been expecting?” asked a third.