Amanda Holden has made a remarkable career shift. Amanda Holden will appear in an exclusive London storyline for Neighbours.

The Australian serial the presenter and actress who turned 50 on February 1, will portray Harlow Robinson’s aunt Harriet The scenes will be recorded across the capital in the course of

Harlow who is played by Jason Donovan’s child Jemma who plays Harlow, will be brought back together and her grandmother in London to solve an unsolved family mystery that involves Harlow’s mother as well as Harriet’s deceased sister Prue Harlow, who is playing by Denise van Outen in 2019.

Stephen Webb’s “Strictly Come Dancing update is causing fans to get into a frenzy.

Amanda has been featured on TV shows like Wild At Heart, Cutting It as well as Thoroughly Modern Millie. She is the judge for Britain’s Got Talent and hosts Heart Breakfast.

“Like many others living in the UK during the late 1980s/early 1990s, I was a child watching Neighbours all day long during each week.” the actress said.

“While in the midst of cursing Mrs. Mangle and hoping that Mike and Jane would eventually get married I was on our TV to watch that wedding ceremony between Kylie as well as Jason (Scott along with Charlene)!” Not to forget the other stars to grace the stage throughout the many years.

“To be able to be part of such a storied Australian performance is just amazing!” I’m looking forward to working with Jemma in London This is a wonderful moment for all.” Jemma Donovan expressed her appreciation for the chance to shoot Neighbours in London and called it the “great chance” to film in her home town.

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“The production team has been thinking about doing this for quite a while and it’s a real thrill to watch it take shape, particularly by yourself, working with Amanda,” she remarked.

“I’m excited to make this connection with the characters, to be immersed in the story, and to film across London.” It’s going to be an absolute blast and I’m hoping that viewers are having as much enjoyment as we do!” “Neighbours has a impressive history of shooting in the UK and we’re thrilled to be able to have Amanda join us on the next adventure,” said Neighbours executive producer Jason Herbison.

“We’ve created an amazing character and we can’t anticipate how she gets along and interacts with Jemma.”