In the time that Abi return to Coronation Street, a major production shift has been noticed.

The fans who watched Coronation Street were overjoyed to watch a significant development on tonight’s show.

The soap’s long-running run began Monday’s episode by featuring Abi Franklin’s dramatic return on the soap.

An unclean look. Kevin Webster awoke to discover Abi sitting in the living area after she was absent for a couple of weeks due to Corrie along with Kelly’s court battle.

Kevin was concerned about Abi’s safety after she robbed PS2,000 from him, and then vanished.

Carman’s character Sally Carman passionately apologized for her behavior and said she used the funds intended for drinks and food so that she could eat when she was away.

Kevin had a gracious mood since he was glad to find that she had been safely to her destination and was hopeful that their marriage could be revived.

Michael Le Vell’s character embraced Abi the character, and the attentive Coronation Street viewers saw how the hug signified a change in the production of the show.

The show that has been running for a long time has been introducing social distance limits since the Coronavirus outbreak hit the country, and Coronation Street followers on Twitter were thrilled to see another step forward towards normalcy the show’s final episode.

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“Aww It’s so sweet to watch Abi and Kevin hugging No more awkward social moments,” tweeted @Charlotte K13.

“Oh my God you’re hugging me!” Ben said.

“Aw, Kevin and Abbie’s hug!” Simon exclaimed.

Mags posted Mags wrote on Twitter: “Finally. In #corrie the characters share it’s a “true hug” Tyrone must be disappointed in the fact that his romance with Alina is coming close to the conclusion.” “Think that it’s the first time I’ve seen Abby as well as Kevin exchange words,” Helen added.