Following Katie Price‘s vicious attack on Emily Andre, the TV star appeared on Loose Women. She joined the panel to discuss her new book, and she continued to ignore the drama. However, there was no way to miss the fact that the slam was inspired by a picture of Emily and her husband Carl Woods taking a stroll. The couple had even pulled over their puffer jacket to avoid the wind and rain.

After Katie Price’s attack on Instagram, Emily Andre continued to ignore the controversy. The model posted pictures of her children reading books. During the interview, she remained calm, denying any resentment towards the ex. The scathing comments on the Instagram post prompted the wife of her ex to delete the post. After seeing the post, Katie said that Emily was being “two-faced.” She subsequently declined to comment on the situation.

As Katie Price continued to ignore the scathing comments, Andre continued to post pictures of her children enjoying books. While she did not respond to the attacks by calling her ex “disgusting”, the scathing remarks have left many fans feeling confused. Despite these attacks, Andre has refused to publicly respond to the slam. She also did not share any details about her divorce from Peter Andre.

As a result, the scathing attack on Katie’s marriage remains unresolved. Despite Katie’s public scathing comments, the reality star continues to share pictures of her family. While this is an obvious move, it would be a mistake to say that the couple have never had an affair and that they have been together for ten years. But, the former glamour model has been in the news recently for another reason – her ex-husband was married to a man named Emily Andre.

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The former glamour model has been hiding out in a social media rant. The attack on Katie is a distraction from the attacks on her. She has been slammed by many celebrities in the past, but she has yet to publicly address it. The scathing comments by Katie’s ex-husband have caused her to delete her posts. Andre has yet to explain her silence.

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While Katie Price continues to ignore Emily Andre’s scathing comments, she continues to share pictures of the girls and their parents enjoying their new book. But despite the attack, she has refused to comment on the matter. After the scathing comments on her blog, the TV star continued to share her pictures. In the same manner, she has defended her newest book.