Elon Musk, who was at first remembered to be an observer in Johnny Depp’s maligning preliminary against Amber Heard, has had all the earmarks of being a well wisher for both the entertainers.

The Business mogul has clearly had an outlook on Depp’s ubiquity among his fans as he didn’t talk even a solitary word against him and wanted that “I truly want to believe that the two of them continue on. At their best, they are each unbelievable”.

Shutting contentions in the maligning preliminary between Mr Depp and Ms Heard occurred on Friday. The jury will return on Tuesday for thoughts.

Musk was at first remembered to be an observer in the preliminary, among different famous people. Yet, eventually, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO didn’t stand up.

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Heard and Musk are accepted to have dated on and off somewhere in the range of 2016 and 2018 and the SpaceX manager was named on her observer list for the preliminary.

During opening explanations, Heard’s legal counselors said that Depp had been “fixated” with Musk. The previous mates’ representative Christian Carino recently affirmed at the preliminary that Ms Heard was dating Musk at around a similar time as she was attempting to accommodate with her significant other.

In any case, Musk had all the earmarks of being a brilliant person as he racket not enjoy into crack with the entertainer in the wake of realizing that Depp is drawing in additional help and beating the competition in the court of popular assessment.

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