Amber Heard could evidently not support the high tension questioning from Camille Vasquez.

The Aquaman in the middle of between her 30-minute meeting with Johnny Depp’s attorney, admitted that she composed the 2018 commentary in Washington Post for her ex. In the article, Heard distinguished herself as a survivor of homegrown maltreatment.

The entertainer recently expressed and kept up with that the commentary was not about Depp.

“The only one making the Op-Ed about Johnny is unexpectedly, Johnny,” she said during the preliminary.
While under extraordinary questioning, Heard was inquired as to whether she expected observers like Depp’s previous accomplice Kate Moss or Hicksville Trailer Palace proprietor Morgan Night to support Depp

Golden Heard answered: “Wrong, I’ve previously experienced preliminary with this man. I know the number of individuals that will show up to openly endorse him.”

She proceeded: “I know the number of individuals that will emerge and express whatever for him. That is his power. That is the reason I composed the commentary. I was addressing that peculiarity, (about) the number of individuals that will show up to openly endorse him and will tumble to his power. He is an exceptionally influential man and individuals love currying favor with influential men.”

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