Dolly Castro Chavez is an American social media celebrity businesswoman, fitness model and businesswoman that is most famous for her posts in her Instagram account as well as being the CEO and owner of the fitness company called “Bars and Branches”.

To stay fit, Dolly today trains almost every single day of the week with a focus on working on her abs and legs and abs, which is what she loves her most. Dolly suggests women do dumbbell squats, with high repetitions, cross crunches and lateral raises in addition to other exercises for those who want to appear as attractive as Dolly does.

Dolly Castro Chavez shares her exercise routine on Instagram. She said:(Focused… No distractions!
Working out 5 days a week, weight lifting 6 days a week , cardio the same💪🏽 eating clean & taking my @1stphorm supplements you have 96day left in 2021 give it your all 👊🏽)


She also says that it is crucial to stay following a strict diet since your appearance is 30% physical activity and 70 percent nutrition. She suggests eating low carb , protein French toast with butter.

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Alongside running her own company, Dolly has also worked with many major corporations. Her social media presence that is more than 6 million makes her an popular partner for all kinds of brands. Some of the brands she has collaborated on include 1st Phorm.

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