While speaking with Vogue, Adele explained why she decided to shed weight.

The singer, who is 33 years old, has spoken on record for the first time in public about her two-year journey to lose weight in which she shed 100 pounds.

The Hello singer is set to release her next album , ’30.’ It will have the album’s first track Easy On Me dropping next Friday on October 15.

In an interview in Vogue that she created the album to honor her son of eight years Angelo who she shares with Simon Konecki, her ex-husband.

Adele declared her separation with her spouse in the month of April this year. They got divorced in March this year.

Vogue reported that she said: “It was due of my anxiety. I’d feel better if I exercised.

“It wasn’t about losing weight, it was about building up strength and spending as much time as I could not using my mobile every single all day.” It quickly became addicting for me. I train at least twice a every day.

“So I do weight training during the early morning hours, and then box or hike during the afternoon and finally perform cardio in the evening,” she says.

Adele claims she shed weight thanks to personal trainers despite being “essentially in a jobless state.”

She claimed that an exercise routine is “impossible for a large number of people.”

This is the first time that the singer has talked about her weight loss publicly which she’s previously said she didn’t consider important to keep track of on Instagram.

Vogue quoted her declaring: “I did it for myself and not for anyone else. What makes me think I’d share it? It’s not something that piques my curiosity. It’s my body after all.

“To be body-positive You don’t need to be overweight. You can be any size or shape.”

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Adele denied reports of her having tried diets with fads and also people who claimed to have been coached by her.

She added, ” “There will be no intermittent fasting. There will be no intermittent fasting. Because I exercise to a high level, I have more food than I did previously.”