Cinemas have been shut down for the duration of the flu, advertising expenditure on the big screen fell by 80% in 2020, to PS45.7 million.

The demand from advertisers for advertising alongside the new James Bond film James Bond franchise was “extremely high”, Digital Cinema Media (DCM) has claimed with record numbers of bookings for forward-looking films and brands hoping to make the most of the potential commercial benefits associated to the movie.

Based on The UK Cinema advertising company which is responsible for 80percent of the market, including Odeon, Cineworld and Vue cinemas, premium advertisements sold out in two months’ advance.

Brands from a variety of sectors have signed up to be featured prominently in the film such as Sky, Google, Pokerstars, Peroni and Lloyds.

The entire ad reel sold out in two weeks prior to the date along with other brands across different categories like motors, telecoms food and drinks, as well as entertainment and leisure booking in.

“No Time to Die” premiered on September 30th and has already grossed PS26m at the UK box office in only four days which makes it the largest release in the world of film to date. Box office revenue for the 1st 3 October to 3 October amounted to PS21m and is higher than the two previous films in the series”Spectre” and “Skyfall’.

The number of visitors to the hospital for the first weekend of the festival topped 2 million admissions. For comparison, a full week of pre-pandemic would yield 2.5 millions admissions.

According to DCM According to DCM, 40percent of regular audiences to cinemas are between 16 and 34 years old, which is an increase from 34% during pre-pandemic years. But, the most recent Bond film is also attracting people who are less frequent at the cinema, such as older patrons.

“The UK cinema industry’s reopening has been a great achievement to date, however the anticipation of the return of Bond has reaffirmed the demand from the public to see new films in the large screen. Advertisers are also making the most of the special and immersive experience that cinemas offer which is boosting the ad revenue of cinemas,” says DCM CEO Karen Stacey.

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“This is a pivotal moment for the industry of cinema. The medium has continued flourish alongside TV as well as home video and, in recent times streaming platforms. There’s always been a compelling reason to go back on the screen, and we’re just beginning with this new golden era for the business.”