Doja Cat has labeled her image of an “viper rapper girl with boobs and a**” as “shallow”.

The rapper from ‘Woman’ has taken aim at those who perceive herself as sexual subject and has stated that she holds “no opinions” from her appearances on TV.

Talking to Rolling Stone UK, the 26-year-old pop star revealed that she’s frequently portrayed as “A vapid girl in a rapper’s outfit with a boobs-a-** and I’m not sure I’m a fan. opinions.

“You notice people on screen and they’re performing an act or performing a stunt to the camera and you’re thinking”Oh, that’s the way they’re always.’

“It’s an insignificant approach to believe that the person you see on the screen is just pixels in a giant glob doing clown in the s ***.”

The ‘Say So’ singer was later quoted as saying she doesn’t want to “parade personal experiences” in her songs because people believe they are familiar with her.

She added: “I don’t like to showcase personal experiences in my music since everyone is going to have something they want to share about me, and they believe they know me.

“That kind of turns your life into this big, big Broadway show.”

However, Doja recently admitted she has been more cautious about social media following her rise to fame.

The singer – her actual name is Amala Dlamini was incredibly passionate about social media when the release of her first album ‘Amala’ 2018 but Doja acknowledges that she’s become more cautious about her posts in recent years.

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She shared: “I used to be on Periscope frequently. I’d live stream for about 10 or 12 hours at an time. I’d make beats, but they weren’t very good but it was entertaining.

I’d be shouting at people and making fun of them who would then say, ‘Damn! how can you be so angry I’m not sure why you’re so mad. Some people might think that it was hilarious and agree with it. This was my experience back then and I love getting into people’s lives however I stopped due to the fact that having a huge platform, you can’t afford to harm anyone.

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“You have power and you’re looked at a certain way, and if you go in on people and s ***, it doesn’t help you or them, and they can tear you down more than you can tear them down.”