New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced his resignation after he was subject to an impeachment inquiry into sexual harassment allegations.

Governor. Cuomo resigns

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced his resignation Tuesday under the weight of a sexual harassment scandal that engulfed his administration and derailed his political future, capping a remarkable and rapid fall for a governor whose national profile had risen to extraordinary heights during the coronavirus pandemic. Cuomo is a Democrat and his resignation will take effect in 14 day, ending a decade-long tenure in the office. Once Cuomo steps down, Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul, a Buffalo woman, will become the first woman governor of New York.

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Cuomo (63) resisted calls to his resignation during the last five months. This was a period when multiple women, including former state employees, publicly accused Cuomo of inappropriate and harassing behavior. Cuomo denies any wrongdoing. Cuomo’s administration and Cuomo remain the subject of numerous investigations or inquiries, which could spell trouble for him long after his resignation.