Choosing The Correct YouTube Thumbnail Size

youtube thumbnail size

The right YouTube Thumbnail size/resolution is 1920 pixels high x 1080 pixels wide. While this appears to be a big size for a YouTube thumbnail, this also helps to keep flexibility when the video is uploaded to other sites and increasing the chances it will remain crisp and sharp on high-density television screens such as Retina… This article will explain what size you should use in order to maximize your YouTube presence. We will examine what dimensions are important for the best viewing experience and how size really does not matter! After reading this article, you should have a better understanding of why you should use YouTube’s thumbnail size/resolution ratio when choosing videos to post on YouTube.


As already explained, YouTube thrives on providing online video viewers with eye-catching, entertaining, and informative videos. YouTube videos have emerged as one of the most popular search terms in the world. When searching for videos to watch online, Internet surfers type the phrase “watch videos on YouTube” in the search bar in the hopes of uncovering worthwhile online video content that they can enjoy and/or share with their friends and contacts.


This content is made up of video clips, TV shows, music videos, and even movies, but you will often find these types of YouTube videos displayed in the sidebar or at the top of the list when surfing through the YouTube homepage. These videos are usually referred to as thumbnail images. When a user finds a video they want to watch, all they have to do is right-click on the desired thumbnail and choose “view in YouTube.” A list of thumbnails will then appear where the user can click on the one they want to watch.


As previously stated, YouTube uses two different ways to display thumbnails. The first method is referred to as “reduced size” which means the size of the thumbnail is reduced down to the minimum size of 160 pixels. The second method is known as “wide video” and will provide a much larger viewable thumbnail. The largest thumbnail available is approximately twice the size of the thumbnails displayed on the left or right-hand side of the YouTube home page.


One of the advantages of having YouTube video thumbnails that are smaller in size is that visitors to websites like YouTube can more easily view these videos. A large number of viewers watching a video can easily become distracted and may not be able to focus on the video as intently as they could if the video had been viewed in its maximum resolution. With smaller videos, viewers are given the ability to focus more intently on what the video is displaying and can therefore make a more accurate judgment regarding the content of the videos. In addition, having these videos appear in the sidebar of YouTube pages allows Internet surfers additional opportunities to navigate around the site. The sidebar is also a more effective way of enticing viewers to subscribe to particular channels or video feeds within the YouTube network.


There are a number of ways that individuals can optimize the appearance of their YouTube videos so that they appear more appealing to viewers. The most popular method to use so that the video appears larger is to create a custom profile icon. The most popular YouTube thumbnail that was used on my website was a custom profile icon that had two circles in a straight row. These custom icons added a sleek and tidy appearance to the individual’s video and provided viewers with an extra incentive to click through to the full video. In addition, these custom icons offered an excellent opportunity for individuals to express themselves and their interests in a manner that is unique to them.

Individuals interested in optimizing the appearance of their YouTube videos are advised to use a file format that is compatible with the compression algorithms used by most web browsers. This format is called MP4. It should be noted that although there are a vast number of different format options that individuals can choose from, the default option which was used by all YouTube thumbnail images in this article was the 1920 x 720-pixel minimum width format. When an individual uploads an image to their YouTube account they are encouraged to change the format to the correct size in order to make their video appear as crisp and attractive as possible.

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It is also advised that individuals make sure that the file they upload to YouTube uses the aspect ratio that is recommended by YouTube. The aspect ratio is a ratio that relates the height of the displayed video thumbnail image along with the overall viewing size. As with all things in life, there is always a way to make something look better or worse than it really is. If an individual chooses to use high-quality graphics in their thumbnails, they are encouraged to make sure that they are able to achieve the same quality when they are uploading the actual video to YouTube. By following these simple tips, an individual will ensure that their YouTube videos always appear to the best of their ability.