How Much is YouTube TV? The Satellite TV Comparison

On Saturday, the liberal media biased against President Trump and his supporters took an ugly turn when they published an edited clip from a controversial interview that aired on Fox News. During the interview, Fox News anchor reporter John Roberts was trying to get Trump to clarify his past statements about President Barack Obama being a “big bad.” The anchor noted that this particular President did not offer any clarification on this matter and simply repeated his comments from an earlier interview. This was quickly picked up by the media who put the two quotes in the headlines and ran with them.

Then late Sunday night the story continued with a second interview. This time it was Businessman Peter Thiel who spoke with Trump about his running for president in 2020. The billionaire was highly critical of Roberts’ attempt to get Trump to clarify his past statements on the birther issue, which he maintained were false. According to Thiel, the media was trying to build a case against Trump and he accused the media of creating a fictional character out of the real man. He also suggested that if President Trump were to try and clear his name in the next Presidential election it would be a clear win, and thus the media is doing what it does best. Indeed, I hope you will please consider all this and think about it.


Well, actually, isn’t this exactly the same thing as trying to build a case against a prospective candidate for President of the United States? In other words, to try to create a BAN independent candidate against the current President in the hopes that somehow his or her far-fetched, nonsensical comments can make that person’s chances of winning in the next Presidential Election a lot better. Is that not a bit of a banana Republic type of play for the Democratic Party to do in order to improve their failed vision for America? Of course, it is. If the party is worried about a reality TV show contestant rather than focusing on issues, they ought to ask themselves why they are in politics in the first place. After all, aren’t they suppose to be in politics for the US and not make nonsense comments and then offer no real solutions to the problems that they and the American people face?


This entire strategy is so silly that I don’t even want to address it because I just want everyone to take a deep breath and reread that again. Anyway, former Fox News CEO, Roger Ailes has taken the time to whine on social media about the unfairness of the YouTube video ratings system, and says that he would have done something different if he had been in control of the company’s social media strategy back when it first started. Okay so, let’s talk about this for a second, shall we? Remember, Fox News has become somewhat infamous for faking news stories, and if there were ever any video clips or photographs of President Obama making out with a Russian hooker in Russia, Fox News would have reported it extensively. Therefore, Mr. Ailes must be aware that the Obama Administration’s “Affair” was faked, right?


Well, now the question is, “Well, if it was fake, then why weren’t there any video views on the first channel, or second channel, or third channel, or fourth channel, or fifth channel, or sixth channel, or seventh channel, or eighth channel, or ninth channel, or tenth channel, or even twenty channels?” It simply shows the utter lack of integrity by the media conglomerate and his total lack of understanding as to how basic video viewing works on YouTube. Why do I bring this up now? Because this illustrates a very fundamental point which is why most people are so frustrated with the corporate media and wish that they had somehow built an online media empire, rather than creating a new one, but apparently, it was not meant to be.


Now then, let’s go over to the other side of the coin, shall we? Well, if you watch the video of Sean Hannity talking about the Obama Affair, and you really pay attention to what he says, and his diction, and then you also remember that he has done this before, and then you should take some time to go back and review the videos that he has made in the past, you will find that he never once mentions anything about getting a verification badge, and this is a clear and definitive sign that he and the Fox News know what they are talking about when they bring up the idea of a verification badge, and yet they totally ignore the fact that many citizens believe that these videos need to have one. Why is that? It appears that they are just afraid of something, and whatever it is, they are sure as hell afraid of it right now, or they wouldn’t be promoting this latest bit of information. But that is the deal, anyway, if we are going to prevent the fox from guarding the henhouse, we are going to need to get a hold of these verification badges, and we are going to need them fast. Now then, I suppose you can stop reading this article, and go out there and try to find these verification badges yourself because I am willing to bet that you cannot, and you probably could have luck doing that, but why would you want to beat around the bush with a robot?

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You are welcome to go out there and try to find your own videos and make sure that the person who puts them online has their credentials on hand. If they have not been authorized to do so, then they need to get a verification, and you should consider them void, which you are able to do by contacting the company that produces the video and asking them to send you the proper documentation. If they are unwilling to do this for you, or they are unable to provide you with any sort of proof that they have a legitimate license to operate, then you might want to look elsewhere for your NASA TV online video content. Please consider all this.