What Is The YouTube Gold Play Button?

YouTube Creator Series, also known as YouTube Play Buttons, is an assortment of high-profile awards from YouTube which aim to recognize the most subscribed channels on YouTube. They’re given out at the sole discretion of YouTube but are available at any time of day. These awards honor a particular channel and are often chosen by a panel of experts who review every submitted video. The Creators Series is not affiliated with YouTube directly; instead, it works in conjunction with the search engine to promote certain channels and give other such videos visibility among YouTube’s millions of daily visitors.

One such video which recently won a top award with a community guideline is a video showing a man enjoying a day on the beach. As he starts to wave goodbye to the hot sun, he catches a wave and realizes that there is a button that has been left by one of his friends. With a little bit of surfing, he discovers a secret entrance that takes him straight into the beach itself. The whole interaction was caught by the camera which was subsequently used by the narrator in the video as evidence to support the story. When the creator made a follow-up video in which he explained the whole situation, it won a second major award which led to more widespread recognition.


In this case, the creator was able to get one of the biggest rewards, which he received through the use of the YouTube play buttons. Some of us might think that these buttons are simply an embellishment for YouTube’s usual features. This couldn’t be further from the truth. The functionality of the play buttons is actually one of the reasons why they are so popular with users.


For example, consider the most famous video, the one which won the 2021 MTV awards for “Best Music Video”, which was hosted by the very popular Madonna. The video was shot by photographers James snapshot and Thomas Schlambo. Through the help of the Red diamond play button, they were able to capture the on-screen reactions of people by pressing one of the buttons. When they pressed this button at a precise moment, they would be able to view a spectacular presentation of shots from the video at that exact moment in time.


You probably know the background behind the “View” button which appears on the YouTube home page. This button was initially designed to allow viewers to comment on videos. However, it soon became known as the “Play” button. Today, one can find a variety of different videos being hosted on YouTube. When this button is pressed, it will launch a video playing interface for the particular channel where the video was made available. There are two different types of video play icons that are available:


The first one is the red diamond play button which is only available on the topmost video channels on YouTube. The second one is the golden button. This button when clicked will open a new window or link on the selected video channel. When clicked, the channel instantly begins to play. It can be played as a video or as a link. It can award different privileges to the different users such as the ability to add a picture, a soundtrack, and a short message to users which are very similar to the current ones which are given out by the Facebook news feed.


The YouTube red diamond button can be used to award high-value content that is highly recommended and which can reach a huge number of subscribers in a very short period of time. When this button is pressed, it immediately awards an award to the video which has been deemed as highly recommended. High-value content can be anything like a how-to video, a funny video, a review of something, or an instructional video on anything ranging from cooking to weight loss. When reaching 100,000 subscribers, an award message will be displayed on the screen. There are other buttons as well which can be used to show different information to the user or can be used to send them to a specific page.

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To get the YouTube Gold Play Button, a person needs to buy a membership through YouTube. The cost of the subscription is relatively low and is very easily affordable by common man. Once a person has the gold play button, he can use it in any of his videos which he posts to YouTube. As soon as a person reaches the required amount of subscribers, he can also gift them one of the special boxes which include a gold button, free hosting, and other exciting things. These guys definitely made an effort to make this stuff available to common people and have earned themselves quite a bit of loyal followers.