BTS, Jonas Brothers, Rauw Alejandro And Tyler, The Creator: 5 Songs Making Moves On The Hot 100

Americans are enjoying a long holiday weekend. This is when many popular songs make it into the top 40. This usually signifies that a song has become a hit. This feat has been accomplished by artists such as Marshmello and the Jonas Brothers, but this is the first time that a new release makes it to the top tier.

Here are five of the most important moves from this week’s Hot 100 singles charts.

No. No.

It debuted at No. 1. BTS’s “Butter”, the new single from them, have not been able to move up the Hot 100. This cut has ruled the Hot 100 for five weeks straight, making it the longest-running leader of any South Korean musical group (by a margin that is two frames) in American history. The septet now controls the Hot 100 for 10 consecutive weeks, with their four chart-toppers.

No. No.

Glass Animals have steadily risen to the Hot 100 for almost half a decade now with their first-ever placement on the tally, “Heat Waves”, and it continues to climb. This frame, with its catchy cut, rises to the top 20, improving from No. 21 to No. 19. It is not clear how high it will go. However, at this time, don’t count out the cut-out.

No. No.

It’s a mild understatement to say that Rauw Alejandro’s 2021 career has been his best yet. This talent has reached the Hot 100 only twice and both of his songs have made it to the weekly top 40 this year. His solo hit “Todo De Ti” is now his first ever top 40 wins, pushing from No. 45 to No. 36

No. No. 37 – Marshmello and Jonas Brothers – “Leave Before You Love Me”

Marshmello and Jonas Brothers’ “Leave Before You Love Me” became a Hot 100 hit in just one month. This is not surprising given their status as two of the most consistent pop artists. The song isn’t yet linked to any full-length, even though the DJ recently released Shockwave.

It rises from No. 58 to No. 37. “Leave Before You Know Me” is Marshmello’s luck thirteenth top 40 song on the Hot 100. The Jonas Brothers have it seventeenth.

No. No.93 – Tyler the Creator – “Lumberjack”.

Tyler, the Creator’s new album Tell Me If You Get Lost is now at No. The set’s lead single, “Lumberjack”, debuts on the Hot 100 a week earlier than expected. It debuts at No. The track opens at No.93. Although it is one of the lowest-ranking debuts in this frame, the rapper has never shown any interest in major hits.

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There are good chances that Call Me If You Are Lost will impact the Billboard charts next Monday. At the same time, several tracks from the full-length could make it to the Hot 100.