Megan Fox discusses being referred to as a "shallow succubus"

Megan Fox spoke out about the way that her public perception as a “shallow succubus” influenced the roles she was offered.

Fox, who gained mainstream fame with 2007’s Transformers, has spoken out against the pervasive misogyny in her career.

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She told The Washington Post that she believes there was a widespread perception of her as a shallow succubus for the first ten years of her career.

Megan Fox discusses being referred to as a "shallow succubus"

“And then, that changed more recently as people revisited me interviews, listened carefully to me speak, and began to see me differently.”

Fox stated that she was not considered talented because of her physical appearance.

She said that 35-year old Reagan was a funny actress when she appeared in the comedy series New Girl.

She said, “More than being overlooked because I can handle comedy occasionally, I’ve always been amazed at how easy it was to forget that I’m relatively smart.”

“I was like, How does that get so lost when there are ridiculous amounts of material that could educate you otherwise?”

The This is 40 star said that she was lost in her early career and was trying to figure out how to find meaning or value in the patriarchal, misogynistic hell of Hollywood.

“Because it was something I had been saying against and that everyone, even other women, treated me very badly for doing it.”

Fox stated that Fox would like to see her 2009 horror movie Jennifer’s Body remade as a TV series.

The film, directed by Juno and Diablo Cody, received a negative initial reception but has since been embraced as a classic.