The BTS member suffered a finger injury while performing on a concert in Los Angeles on March 18 and has since been in the hospital recuperating. He was told that he needed surgery on the left index digit, or extensor, of the finger. After the operation, he was released and has been wearing a cast in order to stabilize the finger and speed up his recovery.

After the surgery, Jin has been released from the hospital. He had an operation on his left index digit, and the tendons were injured. After the surgery, he was released from the hospital, but a cast will need to be worn until his healing process is complete. The group’s management team stated that Jin is doing fine and is doing well. The other members of the band have not been harmed.

After the surgery, Jin returned home. The hospital released an official statement about the singer’s health. The group’s management team announced that Jin is doing well after the surgery. The tensor in Jin’s left index finger was damaged and he had to undergo surgery in order to repair it. The band’s other members are wishing for his speedy recovery and wish the boy band all the best.

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The hospital also announced that BTS’ Jin had undergone surgery to repair the damaged extensor in his left index finger. He will now focus on rest and treatment, rather than performing on the road. The doctors have already reassured fans that the singer will return to the stage soon. It is unclear if he will be touring after the surgery, but it is a positive sign for the group.

While BTS’ other members have been able to perform without any pain, the BTS’ Jin has been in the hospital for a long time. On Friday, the member underwent a surgery on his left index finger. The procedure was successful, and he will now be able to focus on rest and treatment for a while. While the singer’s recovery from surgery is promising, his current situation is a time to recover.

The BTS’ Jin has undergone surgery to repair the extensor in his left index finger. He was released from the hospital on March 19 after his surgery. He has been recovering from his injury and is now taking time off to recover. He injured his finger while doing his daily activities. He went to the hospital to have the operation, and it was a success. The band’s seven members have all undergone similar procedures.

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