It seems that Kim Kardashian is becoming increasingly concerned about her safety amid the recent drama surrounding her relationship with Kanye West. Despite the drama, Kardashian is enjoying a new romance with Pete Davidson, the singer of the “Kanye and Pete” hit-and-run rap group. But now, Kanye has made it clear that he is not happy with her and has become abusive towards her. While the couple is still together, the two are separating.

Throughout the drama, Kim Kardashian has publicly admitted that she is worried about Kanye West’s attacks against her. She also posted a statement on her Instagram account about the comments Kanye made on her personal account. Meanwhile, she criticized the singer for manipulating her. Despite her outrage, the reality show host said that she responds to the comments to protect her children.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West haven’t been on speaking terms, but the two are still close. In fact, the couple filed for divorce in February 2021 and began dating in September. They officially became single on March 3, 2019. In response to this latest news, Kanye has made it clear that he is keen on rekindling their relationship, and has been attacking Davidson and his new love interest on social media. After announcing their split, Kim Kardashian wrote to him via text message to complain about the comments on his Instagram.

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Although Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have not spoken to each other in a long time, their relationship has been incredibly intense. They have fought over everything, and their feud has made it even more difficult for them to live together. Despite the drama, Kim and Kanye have appeared together a few times, mostly on separate outings. It has been a long road to divorce, but despite the tension between the two, they haven’t been able to find peace.

The drama has continued to make headlines in recent weeks, but the two are surprisingly calm and composed. The divorce is a long time coming, but the two have remained close. Apparently, Kanye and Kim will remain friends despite the drama. It is not clear what will happen to them in the near future. In the meantime, their relationship continues to deteriorate.

Despite the ongoing drama surrounding her marriage to Kanye West, the reality star is putting her children first. She has remained single since early 2021, and she is now focusing on her new romance with Pete Davidson. They both have been posting photos of their romance on Instagram, and it has been an excellent way to keep up with Kanye’s publicists.

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