Britney Spears is the center of attention for celebs

After Britney Spears’ speaking at a hearing about her longstanding conservatorship, some stars sent messages of support.

Her ex-boyfriend, actor, and singer Justin Timberlake tweeted “After the things we saw today, should we all be supporting Britney?” Celebs such as Brandy, Andy Cohen, and Brandy took to social media to stand by her.

Britney, we love you! Carey shared the message with two heart emoticons and a link to her Twitter account.
Cohen’s BFF Sarah Jessica Parker and Lisa Rinna are actresses in Cohen’s “Real Housewives”. Cohen also tweeted #FreeBritney
Since February, #FreeBritney has been more prominent since the release of the documentary by The New York Times “Framing Britney Spears”. This helped to shine a spotlight on the movement as well as the treatment of Spears.
Spears spoke Wednesday about her conservatorship, which had other people, including Jamie Spears her father, over her life and finances.
Spears described a bleak situation in which she was forced to perform and be on birth control that she doesn’t want. She asked that the conservatorship be ended.

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