Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani wed over Independence Day weekend

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani were officially married on Independence Day. After weeks of dropping clues, the Voice judges finally got together during an intimate wedding celebration at the Oklahoma ranch where the singer lives.

This news comes nearly a month after No Doubt frontwoman Annette Levine revealed that her friends had held a surprise wedding shower.

Stefani, 51, met Shelton, 44, on the NBC reality show in 2014. After going through painful and very public divorces, Shelton and Stefani began to date in 2015. Shelton and Lambert recently said they thought it was a rebound relationship.

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Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani wed over Independence Day weekend

“I can remember that we were just beginning to see each other at that time and we were going through terrible breakups, divorcements, horrible in that it just was sad,” the country star said to Zane Lowe, Apple Music 1. Gwen and me would often ask each other, “Are we recovering here?” Are we doing that together? This makes no sense. This makes no sense.

Shelton said, “It was fascinating because all of the sudden there was this girl I was just beginning to see and spend some time with and that was clearly crazy about.”

Shelton asked Oklahomans to marry him in October 2020.

Stefani said on Today that there were many things to think about when they decide whether to get married again.

“There are so many people involved. She explained that her children, their hearts, and everyone in his family, went through a lot together. Rossdale shares her sons, Kingston, 15, Zuma (12), and Apollo (7). The boys were expecting to play a part in the wedding.

Stefani said Shelton is a “just such a good man.” He is a generous and down-to-earth human being. Although it sounds simple, it is so true. It’s true. He is truly my best friend. It’s so wonderful to have him in my life. It will be a blessing for many years to come. It’s a blessing all around. It’s a miracle.