Blake Lively Gives Famous Fans 'Night' on Social Media

It’s not every day that Blake Lively posts an unexpected swimsuit video. The actress has also been posting deleted scenes from the Shallows movie on her Instagram. In addition, she’s promoting her new movie with Ryan Reynolds, “Free Guy.” And we can’t forget about her recent gif of herself and Ryan Reynolds. The couple has three daughters together. So, it’s no wonder that Blake Lively is giving her fans ‘night’ on social media.

Blake Lively promotes Ryan Reynolds’ new movie, “Free Guy”

In case you missed it, Blake Lively recently shared a cheeky swimsuit photo to promote her new film Free Guy, which stars Ryan Reynolds. She captioned the picture with “Go see #freeguymovie this weekend.” To top it off, she also included a funny gif of Reynolds. In other words, the actress and her husband are definitely a power couple.

The star, who is supporting her husband Ryan Reynolds’ new film “Free Guy”, posted the photo on Instagram Stories to promote the film. The photo, which was taken on the set of the movie, shows Blake Lively in a floral bikini, and she captioned the post with a gif of Ryan Reynolds in the swimming pool. Although Blake Lively may look very modest in the photo, she’s clearly showing off her ‘fit bum’.

Blake Lively’s swimsuit video gives famous fans a’ night’

After the success of her swimsuit video, Blake Lively is sharing a new gif on her Instagram Story to promote her husband’s new film “Free Guy.” The photo shows the actress in a floral bikini and captioned it with a gif of Ryan Reynolds in the pool. The gif is hilarious, as it makes light of how different parents can be on the first day of school.

Lively shares deleted scenes from the movie “Shallows” and tease her husband Ryan Reynolds, who plays her father in the film. In addition, Blake uses shark footage to promote her soft drink line Betty Buzz. Fans can’t help but laugh at the movie’s irony. But Blake has other motives as well. She trolls Ryan Reynolds, who has a long history of sexual misconduct while promoting her swimsuit line.

Blake Lively posts deleted scenes from Shallows movie on Instagram

In an effort to draw attention to her new film, Blake Lively is posting a series of deleted scenes from Shallows on her Instagram. In one of these posts, she mocks her husband Ryan Reynolds and advertises her non-alcoholic fizzy drink brand, Betty Buzz. In another, she trolls her husband and says, “I knew there was more to Nemo than just sharks!”

In June 2018, Blake Lively branded Anna Kendrick as “hotter” than her husband Ryan Reynolds. The actress joked about cheating on Ryan, and Reynolds responded in good humor. On the same day, Reynolds trolled her on her birthday. He posted pictures of Lively looking unprepared and wearing a chicken hat. Lively later shared a screenshot of a group shot of the two sharing a meal.

In another post, Lively revealed that she posed with a bloody leg after a fake shark attack. The actor was wearing a wet suit and bikini bottoms when the scene was filmed. In the film, Lively plays a young woman who lives on a buoy. Blake Lively recently shared photos of deleted scenes from The Shallows movie on her Instagram account.

Blake Lively promotes her beverage brand

Blake Lively is not just an actress – she’s also a style tastemaker. Recently, the actress shared two Instagram photos from her Met Gala gown, one in a body-hugging sequin dress and one in a sleeveless pinstripe suit. The actress also gave a shout-out to Thom Browne, the designer who designed her gown.

To celebrate the release of her new film, Free Guy, Lively shared a revealing swimsuit photo with a funny caption, “Go see the movie this weekend! I’ll see you at the premiere!” and added a gif of her husband, Ryan Reynolds. The couple shares three daughters together, and Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds remain supportive of each other. It’s no surprise that the two actors are so happy to share their lives with each other.