Kerry Katona Reveals Heartache After Daughter Tells Her She 'Didn't Want to Live Here Anymore'

The actress Kerry Katona opened up about her daughter Heidi’s anxiety, saying she was devastated when she realized how much her daughter was worried. The actress, who shares her daughter with her ex Max Croft, said: “She didn’t want to live with us or be around us.”

Kerry Katona reveals heartache after daughter told her she ‘didn’t want to be here

Actress Kerry Katona revealed her heartache after discovering her daughter Heidi was struggling with anxiety. Heidi told her mother that she didn’t want to grow up. The actress said she felt helpless to help her daughter. Fortunately, she is now able to speak with her daughter about the issue. Since the death of her first husband, Kay, in 2014, Heidi has been going to grief counseling. Kerry has also been visiting a doctor to get her anxiety under control.

The actress’s relationship with her mum has been strained ever since George Kay passed away from a cocaine overdose in 2013. But now, it’s clear that Kerry and her mother are patching things up. In an interview with Good Morning Britain on Thursday, Kerry revealed that she considered suicide when she was broke. She’d declared bankruptcy twice – once in 2008 and once in 2013.

After falling pregnant, Kerry Katona split from her band Atomic Kitten and married a taxi driver, Mark Croft, in 2001. However, the relationship didn’t last and she later went on to marry a British actor named Mark Croft. But that didn’t work out. The actress met another man, George Padgate, a former Westlife star, five years before.

She doesn’t want to live here

Kerry Katona has opened up about the heartache she felt when her daughter told her she ‘didn’t want to live here anymore. Kerry shares daughter Heidi with her ex-husband Max Croft. Kerry revealed that she was ‘heartbroken’ when she realized how much her daughter had been suffering from anxiety. She hopes that Heidi’s condition will improve.

In 2001, the Atomic Kitten star got pregnant with her son Dylan-Jorge. They married two years later and had two children together. In 2014, they got back together and married. Unfortunately, the couple separated a year later and filed for divorce. During the divorce, Kerry said she wanted her children to grow up with both parents and not just one.

The family lived in a PS3 million house near Wigan, and it doesn’t look like a million bucks. The house has marble floors, a minstrel’s gallery, a swimming pool lined with faux Egyptian friezes, and statement wallpaper. Yet the heartache wasn’t over until her daughter told her she ‘didn’t want to live here.

In 2008, Kerry was declared bankrupt. Then, she decided to turn to topless selfies on OnlyFans, which made her money. Two years later, she was forced to sell a vintage jukebox to pay the bills. Now, she’s trying to get back on her feet. This is an example of a woman who isn’t afraid of putting her family first.

She doesn’t want to live with Mark Croft

After a turbulent marriage, Kerry Katona has opened up about her heartache after her daughter decided to move out of the family home. The actress reveals that she and Croft argued for several months until her daughter came to her senses. After that, Kerry is left to deal with a financial crisis, which she says has ruined her career. She has since been left bankrupt and has been working with a life coach.

George and Kerry split in 2010 after George allegedly began having “complete meltdowns”. They were separated for a year when police were called to their five-bedroom home. But despite their separation, Kerry remains hopeful for the future. She is dating actor Ryan Mahoney, who she met on the dating app Bumble. Kerry and Ryan are engaged to be married in 2021.
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Although her relationship with her second husband ended in divorce, the actress stayed together with Mark Croft for the sake of her daughter. She was worried that the behavior of George Kay would affect the children. But in the end, Kerry was forced to leave him after learning that she had no choice but to move on. Kerry also resorted to staying with her third husband, George, because she worried that Mark would ruin her relationship with her daughter.