Billie Shepherd Shows Off Her Blowing Baby Bump

At 32 weeks pregnant, Billie Shepherd showed off her baby bump in a white jumper and pastels. Her sister Sam, meanwhile, opted for a puffy navy blue jacket. The pair celebrated their 32nd week of pregnancy in Dubai and posed by the pool – which proved to be a handy drinks table! Here, we take a look at how Billie and Sam celebrated their special day.

Billie Shepherd shows off her baby bump

Billie Shepherd, 31, is showing off her growing baby bump on a day out with her sister Sam Fa. The actress has recently joined Instagram and shared a photo of herself glammed up. Greg Shepherd, meanwhile, has been busy renovating the family mansion and is preparing for the arrival of the couple’s third child. After getting engaged on a Maldives holiday, the couple decided to settle down in the United Kingdom and have a family.

The actress, 31, shared the news of her pregnancy on her Instagram page. The actress is a former star of the BBC’s Towie series and a popular reality TV and podcast personality. The news came as a surprise to fans, as the ‘Towie’ star is pregnant with her third child. She looked glowing in a green dress, a sun hat, and a matching handbag. In the photo, Billie posed beside her son Arthur and he was beaming at her baby bump.

Billie Shepherd’s reem boy

In a new photograph, Billie Shepherd shows off her blossoming baby bump on a day out with her sister Sam Faiers. The actress, who is almost halfway through her pregnancy, wore a bright green dress, open-toe sandals, and a matching handbag. The star is already mum to children Nelly, eight, and Arthur, five.

The news of Billie’s pregnancy was announced in a series of pictures taken on Sunday, 24 July, and it was followed by a second picture, this time of an even bigger bump! She also shared a note on her Instagram account to update fans on her pregnancy plans. The upcoming birth will be her first child, but she’s excited to share her news with the world.

The mother-to-be is a very active social media user and director at Minnies Boutique. She also stars in the hit reality show The Mummy Diaries and is currently paired with professional skater Mark Hanretty for Dancing on Ice 2021. She’s not the only celebrity expecting a baby: Sam Faiers is a mum of four.

Billie Shepherd’s family

Celebrities have been spotted enjoying their baby bumps on TV and in real life – but what are their mums-to-be thinking of the latest arrival? Thankfully, the couple is revealing it all via their social media accounts. Billie Shepherd has joined Instagram and tweeted a picture of her looking glam. And her sister Sam Fa is no doubt delighted, too.

The TV star and her husband Greg Shepherd has been teasing fans with the news of their first child since last summer. The couple welcomed their first child, son Edward, in May. They’ve now announced the second pregnancy of their daughter, who will be born at an unspecified date. And they’re now taking it all in stride with the growing bump. And Billie’s baby sister Sam Faiers is thrilled, too – she revealed in a recent interview that she accidentally drank some of her placenta juice.

The star showed off her blossoming bump on a day out with sister Sam Fa and her mum Suzanne Wells. She’s only halfway through her pregnancy and was delighted to celebrate her halfway point. Despite her growing bump, she still looked stunning, sporting an alabaster knit dress with matching open-toe sandals and a green handbag. While Billie Shepherd is already a mother to two young children, she’s still just as adorable as ever with her three kids.

Billie Shepherd’s blunder

This week, fans of The Mummy Diaries will have the opportunity to witness the bride’s wedding day – and to learn more about the character of Billie Shepherd, who makes a huge mistake on the day. Sam Fa, Billie Shepherd’s sister, has recently given birth to her fourth child. Although Billie has returned to shape after the birth of her second child, the scandal still hangs over her. The Mummy Diaries star is rumored to have spent PS229,000 on the wedding, which is a considerable amount. However, Billie Shepherd was reportedly uncomfortable with Philip Schofield’s question regarding the cost of their luxury wedding in the Maldives, as she looked uneasy when asked how much the ceremony had cost.

During the day out with her sister, Billie Shepherd was accompanied by her mum Suzanne Wells and her younger sibling Sam. She revealed she is expecting her third child last month and celebrated halfway with a sexy green dress and matching green handbag. While Sam and Paul Knightley have two children together, Billie Shepherd is already a mum of two daughters, Nelly, eight, and Arthur, five.