Biggest 2021 American Music Awards Moments You Missed

Cardi B hosted the 2021 American music awards and made sure to make a statement with her entrance the rapper and host of the evening showed up to the red carpet wearing a bold gold mask with oversized dangling earrings while also donning an elegant black dress that had an attached veil and long gloves with gold nails while speaking with at she told them about how excited she was to be having he hosting debut and in the interview she said it’s gonna be fashion confirming she has seven changes I’m gonna be giving you a couture custom Paris fresh of the runway and one of the best moment had to be when Cardi B invited Jojo Siwa over to her house for Christmas to meet her daughter Cardi B said: “During the show let me tell you all this story so my husband he was trying to get Jojo Siwa for my daughter birthday party but she is booked and busy so Jojo Siwa could you please come to see my daughter at Christmas adding”.

Biggest 2021 American Music Awards Moments You Missed

I know you cost a lot of money let me tell you something y’all rappers don’t get anything on Jojo Siwa then when it came time for Jojo Siwa to take to the stage to announce the winner of a favorite Pop duo or group she said to Cardi B before presenting Cardi. I’m gonna see what I can do and i’m gonna try and make christmas happen i promise putting it in my phone right now and another big story that was popping up from the amas was who machine gun Kelly arrived on the red carpet with instead of showing up with Meggan Fox mgk actually had a rare father-daughter date night he and his 12 year old daughter cassie showed up to the event and she even got to watch him take home the award for favorite rock artist when accepting the award he said that it was hilarious because the category was not even supposed to be televised but his fans spoke very loudly so we wanted to give them credit he then ended his acceptance speech by saying I read a headline that said the age of the rock star is dead but it looks pretty alive to me and on top of that the fans went crazy for the first ever live performance of my universe by DTS and coldplay the k-pop stars joined coldplay on stage at the amas and although they didn’t have a signature dance routine prepared they definitely interacted with the fans a lot originally BTS was scheduled to perfoam with Megan the stallion but after needing to tend to personal matters she couldn’t make it favorite music video ended up going to the very controversial little Nos X for call me by your name favorite female pomp artist ended up going to Taylor Swift which was a bit of a shock considring the massive competition.
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