The upcoming new single from Big Bang is their first single as a quartet, marking the long-awaited return of the boy band after four years. Seungri, who left the group during the Burning Sun scandal, will be making his long-awaited comeback in a new single. The news comes just days after he pleaded guilty to all the charges against him and received a reduced sentence of 18 months in prison, which was lower than the three-year sentence originally set.

BIGBANG’s comeback has been widely anticipated since the band announced their departure in February, but there is little information on the details of their new single. The group has not shared any details about their upcoming music video, although YG Entertainment revealed last week that they have completed filming for the music video. The YG Entertainment account also confirmed that the group’s preparations are proceeding as planned.

In addition to the music video, BIGBANG also released a teaser poster, with G-Dragon, Taeyang, and Daesung posing with gerbera flowers. Gerberas have been considered a symbol of innocence and cheerfulness, and they were selected as the group’s new single. The song is titled “The Still Life,” and it will be out on April 5.

In a recent tweet, YG Entertainment released two photos of the members posed with the Still Life teaser poster. Both images featured the ‘Big Bang’ members’ faces. On the other hand, the’still’ part of the poster featured gerberas, which are symbolic of innocence, cheerfulness, and loyalty. Hopefully, this song will be the biggest K-pop moment of 2022.

After a four-year absence from the music industry, the group has announced that they will make their comeback in April with a new single. The group is releasing “Still Life” in April, and it has not been a surprise considering the hype surrounding the song. YG’s official Twitter feed was updated with the image, which is not an ‘official’ photo but instead a’removed’ version of the’still life’ video.

After a long hiatus, the boys are set to make their comeback on April 5. They have also revealed their comeback date in a cryptic poster on their official social media accounts. The post was posted on April 5, 2022, which will be their comeback date. The four remaining members are preparing the music video for the new song. They will also be seen performing at YG’s concert in London on April 5th.