Biden visits Michigan to celebrate the progress made in Covid-19 fighting

President Joe Biden will travel to Traverse City in Michigan on Saturday as part of the White House’s Fourth of July celebrations. This is to celebrate the US’s achievements against Covid-19.

The White House has chosen “America’s back together” as its holiday theme. This administration promotes the notion that the majority of Americans are returning to pre-pandemic conditions, and is encouraging Americans to get vaccinated against Covid-19.
Although the administration is working hard to get all of America vaccinated, there are still concerns about a particular variant spreading. Officials point to July Fourth as a weekend for celebrating the nation’s progress.
Biden visits Michigan to celebrate the progress made in Covid-19 fighting
The Fourth of July is an opportunity for us to celebrate our achievements,” White House Covid-19 response coordinator Jeff Zients said Thursday. “We have made incredible progress in our fight against this virus. Now, two-thirds of adult Americans have received at least one shot. Directly as a result of this work, hospitalizations and deaths have dropped 90% since January 20,
Dr. Anthony Fauci is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. He said that the sentiment was echoed by others and that he believed that everyone should be vaccinated. You should consider wearing a mask if you’re not vaccinated.
Jill Biden, first lady, and Vice President Kamala Harris will travel across the country during the holiday weekend. Doug Emhoff, second gentleman, and other members of Biden’s Cabinet will also travel. Jill Biden will travel in New Hampshire and Maine, while Harris will travel to Nevada. Emhoff was in Utah on Friday.
According to the White House, Biden’s Cabinet will travel across the country to participate in roundtables and baseball games, visit fire stations, festivals and parades, and cookouts. The Cabinet will travel to Colorado, Virginia, Oklahoma, New Mexico, California, Pennsylvania, New York, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Tennessee, Ohio, Iowa, New Hampshire, Puerto Rico, and Washington, DC.
This trip is ahead of a huge celebration that the Bidens will host at the White House on July 4th for over a thousand military families and essential workers on the South Lawn. This will be the White House’s largest-ever in-person event since Biden was elected. For the traditional July Fourth fireworks, the National Mall will be open. Large crowds are expected.
Recently, the White House acknowledged that the US will not meet Biden’s July 4th Covid-19 vaccination goals. It stated that the country still has a lot of work to do to get more Americans vaccinated. The CDC reports that 67% of Americans had received at least one vaccine shot as of Friday, the weekend before.
Zients stated this week that the US had “exceeded expectations” for where it would be on July Fourth. He said that there was still much work to be done to ensure the safety of all Americans and that the administration would continue to intensify its efforts.