As Afghan President Ashraf Ghani visited Washington, US President Joe Biden stated that Afghans will have to “decide their future”.

Biden pledged continued support to the country, even as US and NATO troops are due to withdraw on September 11.

This comes after hardline Islamist Taliban fighters captured many districts in a recent offensive. The UN expressed concern earlier this week about their gains.

The meeting came the day after the US announced plans to evacuate thousands of Afghans who worked for the US military ahead of the withdrawal. This meeting was held the day after The US announced plans for thousands of Afghans to be evacuated. Many are afraid of reprisals from Taliban.

Officials from the US and NATO recently stated that the Taliban had not lived up to their commitments to reduce violence within Afghanistan.

On Friday, Mr Biden spoke in the Oval Office and called Mr Ghani and himself “two old friends”. He said that the partnership between Afghanistan and the US “isn’t ending”.

He stated that while our troops might be leaving Afghanistan, support for Afghanistan will not end.

He stressed that Afghans had the right to decide “what they want”, and added: “The senseless violence must stop. It will be difficult.

In the meantime, Mr Ghani said he supports Joe Biden’s historic decision to withdraw US troops. He added that he was there “respect it” and “support it”.

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He also announced that Afghan security force had captured six districts, reverseing recent Taliban gains.

He said, “You’ll see that we can overcome all odds with determination, unity, and the partnership.”

On his two-day visit to Washington, the Afghan president was accompanied by Abdullah Abdullah (government chief executive) who met with members of Congress, CIA, and the US defense secretary.