The world is closer to nuclear war now than ever since the Cuban Missile Crisis. The Doomsday Clock is ticking toward midnight. Global power balance has been radically reshuffled and the risk of catastrophic miscalculations has never been greater in 80 years. This is the match and fuse. Instability – an exaggerated feeling of weakness and lack of ability and resolve by the U.S. – could cause massive, aggressive military mistakes and miscalculations by our enemies. This is what the Biden administration has created.

This timing is dangerous. China has changed strategic direction and has been building its nuclear stockpile and delivery systems. China has also continued to develop hypersonic weaponry, including “carrier killers”, space weapons, and cyber capabilities that can blind the strategic and conventional systems of its opponents. Russia has been advertising (mostly for domestic consumption, but nonetheless worrying) its “unstoppable” delivery systems, and has a very capable nuclear stockpile and military. Iran will continue to build nuclear weapons. Both India and Pakistan have significant nuclear capabilities in an increasingly unstable region of the world. Nuclear-armed North Korea is again assuming a more belligerent posture. To respond to existential aggression, Israel has a complete nuclear triad (land-air-subs). France and the U.K. have substantial nuclear deterrents. The world is a large powder keg

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Hollywood terms say that today’s nuclear holocaust capability is thousands of times more than the time period depicted in the Armageddon films “On the Beach,” Failing Safe, or “Dr. Strangelove.” There would not be anything left for “Mad Max.” Over the next 100 years, climate disasters could be occurring. The nuclear disaster is already in progress. COVID-19 has killed more Americans than the flu typically does. We could all die in a nuclear war. Leaders need to be clear about their priorities.

Global perceptions of weakness and incompetence by the Biden administration are increasing, as well as claims of a politicized weakening FBI, CIA and Defense Department. This is evident in the awkward Anchorage meeting between Secretary of State Antony Blinken and China, Biden’s wooden Geneva summit and Russian President Vladimir Putin, the humiliating hostage crisis that could turn into America’s budget- and inflation-based defunding for Defense. The danger is heightened by the highly-politicized Intelligence and Armed Services Committees of Capitol Hill. Our enemies might decide now is the right time to move.