After being hailed as a historic and consequential figure in America’s first female vice-president, she was expected to play a significant role in the Biden administration.

“Harris has the potential to change the face of the U.S. Politics,” read a November 2020 Politico headline that echoed many others at the time. The administration demanded that she be recognized as her boss shortly after Joe Biden was elected the 46th president of the United States.

“Please refer to the current administration as: “Biden-Harris Administration” “in official public communications”, a March directive said, emphasizing Biden Harris in boldface

Kamala Harris may have crashed and burned as a 2020 presidential candidate, dropping out well before the first votes were cast in Iowa. However, Biden chose Harris to be his running mate. Harris’ contribution to the ticket is not known beyond a few demographic boxes.

Foreign policy credentials? Nope. No. None. Are you able to work with Republicans to pass important legislation in the past? Not even close. In fact, an analysis by the non-partisan GovTrack showed that she was the most liberal member of the Senate, even further to the left than democratic socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

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She was also California’s attorney General, so Team Biden thought her criminal record could be a benefit in helping to reduce violent crime in American cities. This has led to mass resignations and retirements of police officers.

Not at all. Harris tweeted that he supported a bail fund in Minneapolis for rioters during the presidential primaries. This is a city where violent crime has increased under the current administration.

It tweeted, “If you can, chip in now the @MNFreedomFund in order to post bail for protestors on the ground of Minnesota” in June 2020 when Minneapolis was under siege. The damage had reached more than $500 million.