Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos are every parent whose kids have left the house to start their own lives

The couple shared a photo of themselves sitting on their couch after their youngest child headed off to the University of Michigan, writing on Instagram, “So far we are crushing this empty nest thing.”

They have three children, Lola (Michael), Joaquin (Joaquin).

Michael recently spoke out about the empty nesters he and his parents became.

Ryan Seacrest was told by him that he had already adopted a dog and has been preparing for it.

Ripa jokingly told Entertainment Tonight in 2019 that she had an idea of how she’d spend her days when her kids had all moved out.

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“I will be running naked through the house. That’s all I want everyone to know. I will be naked on every piece furniture. Before you go, be aware. This is what I will be doing in my spare moments.”