A picture of Beyonce from her Instagram account with the Telfar bag

We know that Beyonce was feeling a lot after seeing the photos. We are excited but also anxious. . . Will we ever be able to purchase one of our again, mere mortals? It was only a matter time before Beyonce was seen carrying one of Telfar’s “It” bags. This label was founded by Telfar Clemons and has quickly been dubbed the “Bushwick Birkin”. Problem is: It’s almost impossible to find it. Due to growing demand, totes are constantly sold out. So you can imagine the reaction of fans to Queen Bey walking around with her iconic Telfar tote. The emotions ranged from excited to panicked. Telfar quickly took to Instagram to assure its followers that the prices would remain the same even though Beyonce’s presence with the bag will propel Telfar to a new level of covet-worthy.

We’re going to take a look at some of the Twitter reactions that captured the emotion range on this historic occasion.

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Peoples Reaction On Beyonce Telfar Bag On Twitter: