You can rest easy, python lovers: Cara, a 12-foot serpent, is now free from her Louisiana aquarium exhibit.

After a lengthy search that had shut down the Blue Zoo Aquarium at Mall of Louisiana in Baton Rouge, for several days, Cara, a yellow Burmese Python, was “safe and sound” after being re-opened. The aquarium started
Thursday morning.
Cara was found where searchers believed she was — in a wall or ceiling space — according to a Facebook video.
The footage shows Cara being carried out by a worker from a large hole in a wall. He then steps down a ladder assisted by others. The post does not indicate exactly where this wall is, or where Cara was hiding.
“We couldn’t be more excited for you to share that the search has ended!” The post states that Aquarium workers believe Cara managed to escape from her exhibit on Monday night by brute force and bending through a corner in her tank. Cara disappeared from the mall’s entire structure Tuesday morning. After Blue Zoo staff convinced others that Cara might be hiding somewhere within the store, all tenants except the aquarium were soon able to reopen.
Burmese Pythons are nonvenomous and kill prey such as mammals, birds, reptiles, and reptiles. However, they pose a low risk to humans.
Blue Zoo reported that experts and snake trackers were called in to assist with the search for Cara. This was after Baton Rouge firefighters and police failed to locate her for several hours Tuesday.
Blue Zoo purchased night vision cameras and motion sensor cameras that it installed in small spaces.