Fan art has been released for the first time. The Batman reimagines Batman and Catwoman in costumes reminiscent of their classic costumes of The Golden Age of Comics.

A brand new fan-designed poster of the movie Batman released appeared on the internet, showing Batman as well as Catwoman’s famous costumes. Both characters are played with Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz in the movie due out later this year. The Batman will be produced by Matt Reeves and is set to be released in theaters the 4th of March.

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Batma n will return to the beginnings in The Caped Crusader and explore his second year of fighting criminals. Bruce Wayne (Pattinson) is a mysterious and dark vigilante who is in an ongoing battle to defeat The Penguin (Colin Farrell), The Riddler (Paul Dano), and the other Gotham’s criminal underground. In the process he is caught up with the mysterious cat burglar Selina Kyle (Kravitz). Although the majority of the Batman‘s main plot remains unsolved to date, the advertising has stated that Bruce is going to be required to unravel a tangled Gotham City conspiracy that involves his family members.

In the midst of just two weeks left before The Batman hits theaters, fans have begun sharing their personal Batman art for the upcoming film. In fact, the artist John Black has posted on Instagram his own version of the movie poster. Batman. Batman.

It’s not the first work of art John Black has published re-contextualizing The Batman with a previous DC style. Indeed, another picture recently published by Black showed the Batman as depicted in the design that Frank Miller created in his Batman The Year One which was used in the making of Batman The Beginning that was made in. In the knowledge that fans are creating their own take on the Batman Universe (as and the reality the fact that Matt Reeves looked to New Frontier for inspiration) This will be fascinating to find out what happens if DC will take note and creates more films that reflect designs that resemble those from Darwyn Cooke. At present, Batman is scheduled to release on March 4. Batman is scheduled to hit theaters on March 4th.

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