Iron Man’s brutal armor was created by Gabriele Dell’Otto. It confronts viewers with the shocking truth of the character Tony Stark really is.

Tony Stark’s brutal outfit is proof that he doesn’t require the latest equipment to be a powerful force like Iron Man. Exclusively featured as a variant cover for an intriguing Marvel Comics issue, this Iron Man suit shows that no matter what time period or even the available resources, Tony Stark can design armor that is perfect for what he’s proven himself to be.

On a different cover of the New Mutants Issue 12 drawn by Gabriele Dell’Otto Tony Stark is shown in an unprecedented suit that is influenced by Roman gladiator battle. It was designed to be part of the Iron Man by Design variant cover project that saw talented artists create new costumes for Tony that were inspired by historical events and striking themes. Tony is removed of his repulsor and arc reactor technology and is left with hard, cold steel.

The alternate cover from Gladiator Iron Man shows Tony Stark dressed in a savage armor suit made by him without the aid of sophisticated technology. The suit features the sword that is that is attached to one arm, and a shield with a serrated blade on the other. The other side has the whole armor being reminiscent of Iron Man’s iconic appearance however with the edge of a warrior from ancient times. What’s striking about this suit is that it can be worn by a hero or villain, since Tony is portrayed as a ruthless combatant who’s slated to be to fight for his life. The master of the light Dell’Otto draws out intricate detail, while giving Tony “glowing” eyes that are red to highlight the fact that although the Iron Man isn’t as powerful than Tony’s suit made of metal, Tony is more likely to take his foes without question.

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The Iron Man’s Gladiator Armor proves that Tony Stark’s true strength lies in his ability to adapt and creativity. People are aware of the creative side that is Tony Stark simply by looking at the origins of Iron Man when he constructed his first armor using scraps of material from an POW camp. But, Tony is also the maker of weapons. And by removing the more advanced weapons The suit, which is based on the ancient Romans, will make clear about the way Tony has spent the majority of his life creating weapons that harm others and even his sleekest, most sci-fi-inspired suits are the result of the same experience. Although Tony Stark’s Iron Man of the modern time doesn’t make his weapons like the one featured the cover of this incredible issue but he’s willing to murder people with his technological advances in addition, the Gladiator Armor makes no bones about the suit’s ability to make him a living weapon.

Although it isn’t necessary to see it in action, viewers are able to see clearly the Iron Man’s Gladiator Armor is by far his most brutal, as it combines Captain America’s shield and the ferocious claws of the X-Men’s Wolverine. It’s true that the Iron Man by Design initiative has produced many costumes, ranging from comical to the epic, however, Iron Man‘s Gladiator Armor was a direct reflection of the truth behind Tony and his character, just as Gabriele Dell’Otto fully embraced the non-verbal brutality of making an armored suit, and carrying it to combat.

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