According to recently-unsealed court documents dating from 2020, Elizabeth Holmes, founder of Theranos, will testify in her federal fraud trial. Jury selection begins tomorrow morning.

According to documents, Holmes, 37 years old, will testify that she was unable think clearly when she committed the crimes. This is because she was subject to alleged psychological, sexual and emotional abuse during her relationship with Ramesh Balwani (ex-boyfriend) and co-defendant.

PEOPLE obtained a recently unsealed file that indicates that if Holmes is convicted of attempting to control Balwani, an expert on intimate partner abuse may be called to testify.

The filing, dated February 6, 2020, also states that Holmes will “likely testify herself to why she believed, relied upon, and deferred Mr. Balwani,” Theranos former Chief Operating Officer.

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Holmes is also facing conspiracy charges and faces 20 years in federal jail if convicted. Balwani will be tried separately, although he faces the same charges.

According to the filing, Holmes, a mother of two who is the subject of a HBO documentary and a forthcoming Hulu miniseries starring Amanda Seyfried, would testify against Balwani and say that she controlled what she ate, how and when she spoke to them.

According to the filing, Holmes may also claim that her ex monitored her calls and emails, and she could tell the court that Holmes was subject to intimate partner abuse syndrome. Holmes claims this is due to a decade-long abusive relationship.