Mayim Bialik, She is a master of all trades Jeopardy. These are just a few of her many jobs. Although Mayim may appear to have the ability to do everything, she appears to be having trouble using TikTok filters.

A hilarious face transformation that the Big Bang Theory star did on the app earlier in this month shocked her and her fans. She’s back and she did it again. This time, however, Jeopardy! host Mayim struggled with the photo crop filter. It challenges users to fit their face into a square photograph. Mayim appears focused and eager to take as many photos as possible at the start of her TikTok. Just as she is finding her rhythm, Mayim bursts into laughter.

“Me attempting yet another filter and failing miserably #butitried,” she captioned the hilarious TikTok.

After seeing her fail several photos back-to back, fans gave the actress, 45 years old, a virtual pat on her back for her incredible effort. One person commented, “I think that you did it well.” Another wrote, “You are the best at laughing at yourself.” Another fan commented, “This is so wholesome that I love it,”

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Many others instantly connected to her struggles and shared that they had also tried it, but failed. A follower said, “It’s so hard than it looks.” It was an epic fail! I love you, though. Another person added, “I couldn’t do that either lol.” “Failed to filter, but won the TikTok!” Another said, “Thanks for being you!”

She tried! We don’t know about you but we hope Mayim posts more TikToks in the near future. Maybe even from behind Jeopardy! We are confident that the content will go viral immediately.