As Ant McPartlin and DeclanDonnelly get ready for their first TV show in 10 years Limitless Win, we look into the controversy that surrounds their final attempt at achieving fame of a game show

For the national famous treasures Ant McPartlin as well as Declan Donnelly, all they touch transforms into TV gold.

From their debut through Byker Grove, to changing the look of children’s television through SM:TV Live, to hosting pioneering reality shows like Pop Idol and later I’m a Celebrity… I’m A Celebrity… me out of Here! The Geordie youngsters possess the Midas touch when they talk about TV shows.

As they gear up to premiere their brand-new program Limitless Win this weekend, they are looking forward to another huge success.

However, despite having a number of successes to their name There is one show from their past which Ant and Dec would probably prefer to forget.

In 2011, the two presented their new game show, which received a lot of attention and the show was set to award the biggest cash prize ever awarded on the UK tiny screen, in the show that was created by their former director Simon Cowell.

Despite the massive hype, Ant and Dec later admitted that they were aware Red or Black would not be a success in the first night.

“We got it wrong and we hold our hands up to that. We knew after the first night,” Dec. 46 admitted later.

As the duo prepare to take on quiz shows for the second time and again, we look back at how things went very well the previous time.

Red or Black were a hot topic right from the beginning.

It was later accused of glorifying gambling, with the Gambling Commission speaking out to criticize the format of poker games.

The Wonga sponsorship deal did not help the problem, as critics pointed at the absurdity of hiring a loan company to promote a show which provided a massive prize pool that was based solely on luck.

The show didn’t do much better as the show began to air.

The viewers were left baffled by the show’s format, which saw contestants participate in a variety of challenges but their fate would be determined in the last moments when they placed their winnings on red or black.’

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Ant 46-year-old Ant said that the tension was so intense in the studio that he nearly fainted inside the studio during filming although he joked that it could be due to a late night bar session that night prior.

A rare event for the Geordie pair, ratings smashed the ground with viewers saying the show was boring and ‘baffling’.

There were also demands for one of the show’s top winners Nigel Hagerman to hand back his winnings following an assault conviction came back to light.

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