Dovi Bezner is Taking The Island Boys to the Impeccable Heights

TikTokers get fame for their inimitable talents. However, to enter the entertainment industry they approach or need the support of an expert person who is capable of dealing with things around them and aptly promoting their work. Such experts are entitled to be managers. Believe it or not, Managers perform the most significant job to help many professionals including artists, businessmen, agents, celebrities, and many more. Nowadays with the limitless increase in talents around the world via TikTok, the demand for managers is growing.

When the Island Boys (Flyysoulja and Kodiyakredd) following increased in millions, many record labels and fellow rappers approached them, making them overnight celebrities. They fell in dire need of a true manager with tons of workaround. Luckily they have a family friend like Dovi Bezner who has the potential of true manager skills.   

Introduction of Dovi Bezner     

Dovi Bezner aka Poker The Jew was born in an orthodox Jewish family in New York City and grew up in South Florida. He learned the importance of hard work at an early age when he was getting an education from a private Jewish boarding school. After completing his studies, Dovi began trying various things to achieve success in his career. He was one of those people who didn’t want to limit himself to a specific profession. However, his luck was not working very well. At last, he made as a successful poker player for living. Renowned poker coach Lexo Poker (moniker) mentored him well and soon Dovi developed his own agenda. Soon Dovi realized that he did not want to work under anyone and quit the work. The entertainment industry was drawing his attention for a long time and via Island Boys, he got the opportunity to work in the industry.   

Dovi Bezner with Island Boys

From the first day, Dovi started making efforts to promote and execute The Island Boys worldwide. He has booked multiple shows and concerts of rap duo across the country however the dates are not announced yet. While the dates are finalized, the team is working hard for producing more music and social media content. Their recent music video and the number of likes on the video are proof of their hard work. Their new song I’m An Island Boy was uploaded on YouTube and some other mp3 music websites where it is gaining multiple plays and likes. Under the YouTube video, you can see thousands of comments appreciating their work and giving them wishes for their future work.

Dovi Bezner is Taking The Island Boys to the Impeccable Heights In Real

Upcoming Projects of Dovi Bezner

Dovi is just getting started with The Island Boys and all the manager work. However, he intends to take the boys to the next level in the industry. He is planning with the boys to start a fashion brand for which they are in talks with well-known fashion brands such as Fashion Nova. He is also considerate of growing the boy’s image impressive. We all know that one wrong step in the entertainment industry and you fall into a deep pit. We don’t know the future but Dovi is guiding the Island Boys to achieve a bright future.  

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