Managing multiple businesses seems easy to successful entrepreneurs. The same is true for Pittsburgh native Benny Ulloa Jr., who deals in hospitality, real estate, exotic car rentals, and music & entertainment. As a company, Elite Entertainment was founded on the belief that you shouldn’t just compete in your industry, but you should also represent it at the forefront of the market. As a company, Elite Entertainment represents a wide range of musical genres, such as Latin, Country, and HipHop music. A person with a reputation for being able to spot talent as well as a successful record of picking winners has been highly sought after.

A hallmark of his career has always been his affinity for music. As a result of elite entertainment competing on a global level, they will have the capital to support new talent allowing them to compete on the world stage.  During our interview Benny commented, “Music has been transformed into a digital algorithm, which means that artists represented under the Elite Entertainment banner will benefit from our expertise across all platforms, including Spotify.” This shows how important it has become for artists to trend and rank across all social media platforms to gain the visibility required to gain loyal followers.

Ulloa is passionate about providing top-notch service to the clients he serves, which will lead to great cross-platform promotional opportunities for artists he represents. His business acumen has helped him spot business opportunities. 

His goal is to create a substantial business music label empire in the next year or two, promoting top artists within each genre of music. With his ability to diversify his business operating into additional markets and industries, he will prove to be a useful ally when it comes to bringing international artists to the US market.

Thanks to his laser-like focus on his success, Benny Ulloa has built an excellent track record of success over the last two decades. Despite facing many challenges in achieving his business goals, he is able to accomplish them thanks to the efforts he has put forth. Getting his business goals accomplished has opened him up for others to crawl through, which makes achieving them possible. The core of his philosophy holds that no one is incapable of fulfilling a dream, but that they are able to do so as long as they put in a little effort and dedicate themselves to a desired direction.

“The music industry is a tough one, and many people are afraid of it. We’ve all seen how easily companies fail, but none of that should deter us from trying. Whenever you fail, you try again, and as you progress, you discover the strategies that work for you. “We have used it successfully with many businesses and will continue to do so,” Benny said.

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